Sunday, July 1, 2007

Betta Profile-overview

The Siamese Fighting Fish, also known as the betta. The scientific name is Betta Splendens. It originates in Thailand (Formerly known as Siam) in flooded rice paddies. Contrary to popular belief, they do not live in puddles. Perhaps for a short time during the year their water level is reduced, but the still have room to live in. These are carnivorous little fish, and while they are known to chase catfish away from algae wafers to munch a bit, they should have a carnivores diet. They are called fighting fish for a reason: males will kill each other. The first part of the fight is interesting. The males flare out their gill covers at each other. Usually, one backs off. But, if nobody chickens out, they start biting each other, and tearing at one anothers fins. Eventually, the loser displays dark stripes, as if to say "you win" and swims away. If the other male is not removed, he will kill the loser by preventing him from breathing air. Yes, breathing air. They have a special organ inside their heads called the labrynth organ, and can live in low oxygen water. Of course, you must keep the water clean, or they are susceptible to a number of diseases, including finrot, ich, and several others. Please do not fight them, as the fin tearing can leave way for an infection. Females can live together in a group of 3. Never just two.

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