Thursday, August 9, 2007

Breeding info

The first thing you need is a five to ten gallon tank. Then you need an airpump, and an airstone. Than fill your aquarium with dechlorinated water. That stuff (duh) removes chlorine. Now you can get exited. Add some plants(preferably bushy) to the aquarium. This provides the female a place to hide from the male. take a styrofoam cup, cut it in half heightwise, and tape it to the side of the aquarium. The male and female should be floating two separate jars or other transparent container in the aquarium. After fifteen minutes, release the male. He will swim around the females jar, and will spread his gill covers. This looks very scary, but he is perfectly healthy. This is his way of showing off. After awhile(longer with some males, shorter with others) he looks for a place to build his nest. Once he finds the cup, he checks it out and soon starts building. Note: Indian almond leaves work well too. Look around for these! He will build a nest out of bubbles. We breeders call it the bubblenest. The bubbles are formed with his mucus. Gross sounding, but really quite effective. Not as good if he catches a cold. Once he has done pretty sufficient work, you can let out the female. Now you'll see why you needed the plants, and a good bunch of them. The female gets bitten pretty badly, and make sure you buy some sort of medication for bettas in advance so she doesn't develop an infection.

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